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Handmade sculptural stoneware vase tall, extra large



Handmade in Denmark

Hand-thrown unique scultural vase, altered high fired stoneware vase made in Denmark

HANDMADE in Denmark

MADE FROM: Stoneware from Germany

DIMENSIONS (H/W/L): 23 cm 33 cm 23 cm
WEIGHT: 1500 g

DAILY CLEANING: Use a cloth firmly wrung in lukewarm water.

The vases and bowls are handthrown by the artist Rikke Jacobsen herself. They are carefully handcrafted with great attention to craftsmanship, form and detail. The vases are not glazed to avoid unessesary additives and a natural finish. It gives a beautiful vibrant feel to the vase with or without natural flowers. It can also serve as beatiful sculture in your living room, home office or dining room.

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