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A seat in Siena, glossy editions



Offcuts solid oak

The classic seat in Siena in solid oiled treated wood with a glossy coloured swappable top.

Choose your favourite between six different colours: Canary Yellow, KABO Blue, Swimming Pool Blue, Siena Pink, Perfect Nude and Piano Black. Our pictures give an indication but the glossy color finish might slightly vary.
Please indicate your colour choice by adding a ORDER NOTE at the check-out.

HANDMADE in Denmark

Solid oiled treated oak with a hand-painted top from plywood

Height: 47.5 cm.
Seat: 32.5 cm. x 32.5 cm.

As any other painted product the surface can be scratched if exposed for heavy use or direct contact with sharp items. The seat is very easy to clean with a damp cloth.

We have created a series of glossy coloured swappable tops to accommodate the ever changing urban design needs while paying towards a more sustainable and circular future.

This means that with ONE seat in Siena, you can create many different versions and styles, without the need to buy an entire new piece of furniture.


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